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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents ask us…

How do I enroll my student in school?
Enrollment in District schools is processed at the individual school site. To enroll your child(ren), please contact your individual school site. You will need the following documents to enroll your child:

1. Two proofs of residency (utility bill, telephone bill,
mortgage statement, etc.)
2. Immunization records
3. Address or prior school attended (so that we may request transfer of your child’s records)

If your child is entering kindergarten, you will also need:

1. Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, or notarized baptismal record)
2. Proof of current physical examination (In order to meet State requirements, must have occurred after March 1 of the year that the child is starting school)

For more information, please call the school office directly as shown below, or call the Educational Services Office at the District Office, 963-1611 Ext 322.


Cullen Elementary
(626) 852-4593

La Fetra Elementary
(626) 852-4566

Sellers Elementary
(626) 852-4574

Stanton Elementary
(626) 852-4604

Sutherland Elementary
(626) 852-4614

 Sandburg M.S.
(626) 852-4530 

Goddard M.S
(626) 852-4500

Glendora H.S.
(626) 963-5731 
Whitcomb H.S.
(626) 852-4550


Which school will my child attend?
Click here for an Elementary School boundary map.

Click here for a Middle School boundary map.

For additional information or to check a specific address, please call the Educational Services Office at the District Office, 963-1611 extensions 322.

Can my child attend a school other than his/her assigned school?
District policy regarding Intra-district Open Enrollment is as follows:

The Governing Board desires to provide options that meet the diverse needs, potential and interests of district students. The parent/guardian of each school-age student who resides within district boundaries may select the school of attendance irrespective of the particular location of his/her residence within the District, except that the District retains the authority to monitor appropriate racial and ethnic balance among the schools at its discretion. The superintendent or designee shall determine the capacity of each district school and establish a random, unbiased selection process for the admission of students residing within the District from outside a school's attendance area. Selection shall not be based on the student's academic or athletic performance. The District will uniformly apply existing criteria for admission to specialized schools or programs.

To apply for an intra-district transfer, first contact your school of residence. The staff there will initiate the process with the school you want to change to.

For more information please contact the Educational Services Office at the District Office, 963-1611 extensions 322
How do I get an interdistrict transfer?
District policy regarding Interdistrict Attendance is as follows: The Governing Board recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district and that such choices are made for a variety of reasons. Upon request, the superintendent or designee may accept students from other districts and also allow students who live within the district to transfer out to other school districts.

To apply for an interdistrict transfer into Glendora, you must first contact your home district for a release. They will provide you with a form that you should then bring to the GUSD District Office. For more information please contact the Educational Services Office at the District Office, (626) 963-1611, extension 325.

What can I do if my request for an interdistrict transfer is denied?
A parent or legal guardian may appeal a denial for an interdistrict transfer and every school district is required to have a process of appeal and to inform parents of their rights. Anyone denied a release should request a copy of their rights to appeal from the district which has denied the transfer. If it is not provided, they can call the Division of Student Support Services at the County Office at (562) 922-6233 for information on how to proceed or go to the County website at www.lacoe.edu and type the words “interdistrict attendance appeal” in the search box.. They may also call (626) 963-1611 ext. 325 for additional help. The appeal to the County Office of Education must be made within 30 days of the denial.

What are the age requirements for school enrollment?
Kindergarten: students must be five on or before December 2 of that school year (no exceptions).

First Grade: students must be six on or before December 2 of that school year. However, if the student completed a full year at a private accredited
Kindergarten, the school can enroll the student regardless of the
student's age.

Evidence of Minimum Age: According to Education Code 48002 proof of age may be in the form of a certified copy of a birth record, a statement by the local registrar, a county recorder certifying the date of birth, a baptism certificate duly attested, a passport, or when none of the foregoing is obtainable, an affidavit from the parent, guardian, or custodian of the minor.

However, we recommend the schools use the birth certificate as the official proof of age. When this is not available the other avenues of proof may be used until the parent can obtain the birth certificate.

What kinds of medical requirements are there for enrollment?
There are State immunization requirements that you must meet to enroll your
Child in the school district. Please click here for the latest immunization requirements from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Do you offer before and after school day care?
Yes, the District offers a day-care program at all of the elementary schools and both middle schools. Click here for more information.

How can I enroll my child in the Free and Reduced Lunch program?

• If you now receive food stamps, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids, or benefits from Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, your child may receive free meals.

• If your total household income is the same or less than the amounts on the Federal income scale, your child may receive meals free or at a reduced price.

• A foster child who is the legal responsibility of the welfare agency or court may receive free or reduced price meals regardless of your income.

Click here for an application and information.  Click here for a spanish version.    An application for Free & Reduced Price Meals may also be picked up at any school office, school cafeteria, or the Food Services office, which is located at the GUSD District Office. You may also call 963-1611 extension 383 for more information.

When does my school’s Back to School/Open House
event take place?

Click here to go to the Schools’ Events Calendar.

Can I find the "application for Use of a Private Vehicle on a Field Trip" form on line?
Yes. Click here to go to the form.

Community members ask us…
How can I rent a room, cafeteria, or field for an event?

The District recognizes that district facilities are a community resource whose primary purpose is to be used for school programs and activities. The Board of Education authorizes the use of school facilities by community groups for purposes provided for in the Civic Center Act when such use does not interfere with school activities.

Various District facilities are available for use by qualified individuals or groups. If you are interested in using a classroom, cafeteria, gym, field, or other facility at one of our school sites, please contact the school directly. You will be required to complete a facilities use application, and in some cases, pay a fee, and provide proof of insurance.

Click here for District policies regarding facilities use including the application for facilities use, building capacities and fee schedule.
To rent a specific facility, please contact the school site directly. An application for facilities use can be obtained from any site, at the District Office Business Office, or by calling 963-1611 ex.361.

For general information regarding what types of facilities are available for rent in the District, and for current rental rates, please call the Business Office at 963-1611 ex. 361.

Where do I pay Developer Fees?
The Glendora Unified School District, along with the majority of public school districts in California, collects developer impact fees to offset the costs associated with providing additional school facilities for increased student enrollment generated by new housing development within the District’s boundaries. All new construction, and additions to existing buildings in excess of 500 square feet, will be assessed developer fees. Developer fees may be paid at the District Office, in the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Monday – Friday, 8:00- 4:30. Current rates are $3.36
 per sq ft for a single family residence;and $0.47 per sq ft for commercial property. For more information call 963-1611 extension 361.

What bids are currently open?
For more information, contact the Purchasing department at 963-1611 extension 315.

What job openings are available?
For current available employment opportunities in the District call the job hotline at 626-335-3442. You can also click here  to go to a list of jobs currently available in the District, along with an on-line application.

Students ask us…
What’s for lunch?
Click here to go to the current lunch menu.

When’s my next day off from school?
Click here to go to the District Calendar.

Where is my school and the District Office located?

Click for a map of the school District and schools.


Glendora Unified School District
500 N. Loraine Ave. ~ Glendora, CA 91741-2964
(626) 963-1611